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Generate UPI QR Codes for UPI ID or Bank Account. You can generate UPI QR Code for Saving Bank Accounts or Current Bank Accounts. Customize your UPI QR Codes with your Background Images & Logos

Banks are decling payments for UPI QR Codes generated for Bank Accounts & IFSC Codes being flagged as Error U16: being risk threshhold exceeded. So you should avoid generating QR Code for Bank Accounts & IFSC Codes for UPI Payments. So if you do not have UPI ID then contact your Bank to issue you UPI ID to receive payments. Many Banks are issuing UPI IDs to their customers.

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Why UPI QR Code is prefered for Peson to Person Payments or Person to Business Payments?

  • Instant Credit to your Account
  • No Transaction Charges or less transaction changes as compared to Net Banking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards.
  • No KYC
  • UPI QR Code for Saving & Current Accounts

    Transaction failure rate is very high

  • UPI QR Code Stickers & Stands
  • No Swipe Machine Required

Note: 1. To Receive payments from UPI Payment APPs, Mobile Wallet APPs, VISA Payment Network, Master Payment Cards Network, DISCOVER Payment Network, Amex Payment Network, JCB Payment Network or Unionpay Payment Network, you can generate Bharat QR Code. In Bharat QR Code you can also merge your multiple UPI IDs in One QR Code.
2. You can generate UPI QR Code with Amount from following link:
QR Code Generator

Want to generate Bulk UPI QR Codes with your background images & logos to support your mobile wallet application or vendor payment solutions? contact us

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Merchants from countires other than India should generate UPI Global QR Code from following link:
UPI Global QR Code Generator

How to Generate Custom UPI QR Codes with your Background Designs & Logos for Mobile Payments

Background Image Design & Size for Custom QR Codes

  • 1. Design your Background image in 1200px X 1800px and image file should be 100KB to 2MB.
  • 2. You can Customize background image top from 0 to 350px with your design.
  • 3. You can customize background image bottom from 1525px to 1800px with your design.
  • Note: We provide custom UPI QR Code API with your background images & logos, so you can issue UPI QR Codes to your customers instantly. For further assistance, you may contact us

Logo Image Design & Size

  • 1. Logo File should be 10KB to 100KB preferably 150px X 150px

How to Generate Custom QR Codes

  • 1. Once your designs are ready, Register, if not registered
  • 2. login to member area.
  • 3. Upload your background image & Logos.
  • 4. Click on Generate Custom QR Codes / Generate UPI QR Codes.
  • 5. Fill the form.
  • 6. Click on Generate QR Codes.
  • 7. Generated QR Code will appear on right side of the form.
  • 8. You can download or print the QR Code.
  • 9. In case you need assistance or custom QR Code APIs you can contact us.
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