Brazil PIX QR Code Generator

Generate Brazil QR Codes for receiving payment from Brazil Mobile Payment Apps or International payment Apps . Generate Static & Dynamic Brazil PIX QR Codes for receiving domestic & international payments.

You can charge fixed or percentage Convenience charges or prompt the payment app to let the customer make Convenience Charges.

To receive International Payments you should have VISA Payment ID, Mastercard Payment ID, Discover payment ID, JCB Payment ID, Amex payment ID or Unionpay International Payment ID. Please contact your bank for getting these IDs.

To customize Brazil PIX Payment QR Codes with your background design & logo, Register & Login to Member Area, Upload your Background Design & Logo, Buy a Package & Generate Custom Brazil PIX Payment QR Codes.

Fill the Form to generate Static or Dynamic Brazil PIX QR Codes

Application is useful for generating and testing your Brazil PIX QR Codes. In case need assistance, please write us

Note: 1. To receive payments from Brazil Mobile APPs, enter TAG 26 Application ID in subtag 00 value BR.GOV.BCB.PIX and PIX Key in TAG 26 subtag 01 as Value as: 123e4567-e12b-12d1-a456-426655440000.
2. If you do not have PIX Key, you can receive payment through your mobile number linked to PIX Account. The mobile Number should be in format: 011AAMMMMMMMMMMM, where AA is Two Digits Area Code & MMMMMMMMMMM is 11 Digits Mobile Number. You can also enter your email id linked to the account.
3. Fields marked as red asterisk (*) are mandatory

Select Additional Payment Schemes from TAG-2 to TAG-51. You can enter multiple payment schemes by adding multiple rows. TAG-64 is for Bill related information, which is not mandatory.

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