www.omqrc.com is engaged in developing applications for generating Static & Dynamic QR Codes for multipurposes. We are provinding Static UPI QR Codes to vendors. Our Payment QR Codes are preferred by the merchants as it display the Merchants Name & Payment ID. Besides our website name is displayed on the Payment QR Codes. So the merchants trusts us, as it is generated from www.omqrc.com, the reliable source for generating Static Payment QR Codes payment for EMVCo compliant countries like Singapre, Australia, India, Pakistan, India, etc.

QR Code Customization is another feature, users by logging to member area can upload their background designs & logos to be used for generating customized QR Codes.

We are providing QR Code APIs to our clients for generating Static & Dyamic QR Codes with complete customization for all tyes of QR Code Applications. We are trusted by our clients as we deliver the QR Code services to their satisfactions.

We have developed customized APIs for B2C QR Codes, which many companies from India & Switzerland are using for generating dynamic B2C QR Codes to be printed on the invoices.

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